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Do not be afraid and do not be embarrassed. You are not a literary critic, and this is not a project of philologists and literary scholars. You have the right not only to your point of view, but also to its presentation. The presentation should be literate.
What not to do. If you are not a master of improvisations, do not write a review “on the first call.” By this you will save yourself and others from numerous problems and greatly improve the quality of your reviews. Think about it. In the continuation of the previous – do not write reviews immediately in the form on the site. This will allow you without panic and vanity to state your thoughts, edit (and more than once) written text, correct mistakes. Do not retell the plot of the work. Who read the work, they already know it, and those who did not read, will not be happy with your retelling. Do not repeat what is already written in other reviews. It is better to unsubscribe in the comments. Similarly, do not write a review, the only purpose of which is a polemic with the author of the previous review, for this there are also comments. Do not abuse categorical judgments. Do not hold back. Do not provoke users to say something. Do not include in the review information that is irrelevant.
What to do is worth it. You must clearly understand – what exactly do you want to convey to the readers. It is advisable to know this before writing a term paper format, and before its publication. A good headline is half of the review. Do not spare the time to think about it. The most important parts of your review are the beginning and the end. Work them out carefully.! You can argue anything, just argue your point of view. Share your impressions! In the general case, impressions and emotions do not need arguments, but it is better to justify them somehow. Your subjective experience is valuable, but doubly valuable if the reader understands why you got such an experience. Compare and associate! Engage in a wider literary context. After writing, read the review several times.

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